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Bi-Weekly Tenant Cases Bi-Weekly Tenant Cases 15,398 TXT 10/04/2023 $7.00
Case status and disposition information for Traffic infraction and Traffic Criminal Cases filed during the previous month Case status and disposition information for Traffic infraction and Traffic Criminal Cases filed during the previous month 3,959,408 TXT 09/07/2023 $30.00
Friday Cases with Driving School Friday Cases with Driving School 7,626 TXT 09/29/2023 $2.00
Friday Circuit Cases Friday Circuit Cases 106,504 TXT 10/04/2023 $2.00
Friday County Cases Friday County Cases 226,227 TXT 09/29/2023 $2.00
Friday Daily Bond Estreature Friday Daily Bond Estreature 6,708 TXT 09/29/2023 $2.00
Friday Family Cases Friday Family Cases 17,430 TXT 09/29/2023 $2.00
Friday Felony Cases Friday Felony Cases 5,903 TXT 10/04/2023 $2.00
Friday Infraction (TI) Cases Friday Infraction (TI) Cases 166,960 TXT 10/04/2023 $2.00
Friday Misdemeanor Cases Friday Misdemeanor Cases 11,430 TXT 10/04/2023 $2.00

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