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A. Per Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records, the Florida Supreme Court has determined the appropriate level of access for each category of user. For the "Anonymous Public Access User," this access level is in accordance with legal statutes that protect confidential information. For other access levels, users are required to enter into subscription agreements and subscribe to services that allow access to additional records. The Clerk is required to comply with the access levels and uses certain security protocols to protect confidential information and documents.

A. No, in order to protect confidential information, such as account information, social security numbers, etc., only redacted documents are available online. In order to receive un-redacted copies of documents, you must go to the courthouse and present a state-issued ID. Once your identity is verified and it is confirmed that you are a party to the case, you may receive an un-redacted copy of a document.

A. The Broward County Clerk of Courts began electronically scanning documents in 2011. Documents prior to this date may not be available in electronic form at this time.

A. Yes, all Commercial Purchasers of Bulk Records can obtain access to all non-confidential records for a cost after subscribing to the Commercial Data Access (API) Service and submitting the required notarized registration agreement form. Additional prepared daily, weekly and monthly reports are available for a cost from the Online Services Report Downloads page. For additional information about Commercial Bulk Data Access or Report Download, please submit an email inquiry to

A. Certain documents are covered by confidentiality rules that restrict them from public viewing. These confidentiality rules also cover certain information within public documents, such as Social Security number, bank account numbers, etc. However, there are also documents that do not fall under confidentiality rules, but may still contain sensitive information, for instance, details about a party’s current financial situation. If you feel a document or information within a document is publicly displayed in error, while viewing the document on this website, please click the button at the top to request removal. If you feel a document should be made confidential due to the information it contains, please file the appropriate document seeking that relief from the court, or obtain legal advice.

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Per Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records, Florida law restricts access to some cases, documents and information based on the record and the user. Not all court progress dockets will have electronic case records available for viewing, especially older case records that have not been electronically filed. You may also order copies of court records.

* Please remember that information provided through this site does not constitute the official court records of the Clerk.