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An appeal is a legal action by a party to a case whereby a higher court is asked to review a decision or ruling of a lower court. A notice of Appeal shall be filed any time between rendition of final judgment and thirty (30) days following rendition of a written order being imposed or to be reviewed. Civil Appeal cases require filing the original Notice of Appeal. A copy of the court order must be attached to the original filing.

Effective January 1, 2021, the District Court of Appeal (DCA) has appellate jurisdiction to hear appeals from county court decisions. Notice of Appeals for such matters should be filed directly with the District Courts (pursuant to Chapter 2020-61 Laws of Fla.).

For additional information, you may visit Florida Courts - Know Your Court and Florida District Court of Appeal

How to File

Circuit Civil, County Traffic, Felony, Juvenile, and Misdemeanor Appeal cases are filed in the Appeals Division.

Probate Appeals are filed in the Probate Division.

County Civil Appeals - For additional information, visit Florida Courts - Know Your Court.

Forms and Self Help

The Clerk’s Office is unable to provide legal advice or assistance. As a Pro Se litigant, or self-represented party, it is helpful to educate yourself on the court rules, proper legal filings, and service requirements.

To assist you, below you will find forms and legal resources. For further assistance, please visit the Self Help Equal Access Center - Law Library, where Law Librarians are available to assist you in locating forms and legal resources.

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Visit our Law Library located on the first floor of the North Wing of the Courthouse to find:

  • Additional forms including Family, Landlord/Tenant, Criminal, Probate and Guardianship, Traffic, and much more
  • Photocopy machines, computers, and Wi-Fi
  • Print materials, online databases and resources, self-help publications, Westlaw and Lexis
  • Comfortable, quiet work areas
  • Law Librarians available to direct you to resources related to your legal information needs

Fees and Costs

Appeals Fees for Circuit Civil, Family, Felony, and Probate Cases

VALID FORMS OF PAYMENT — Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Attorney's Check, or American Express, MasterCard, or Visa credit cards. (Proper identification is required when paying in person by credit card.)



ATTENTION ATTORNEYS — Attorney’s trust account checks must be imprinted with the words “Trust Account” or “IOLTA”.

Pursuant to F.S. 57.082 - Determination of civil indigent status. If you qualify for civil indigence, the filing, and summons fees are waived; other cost and fees may not be waived. If you are determined not to be indigent, fees are due at the time of filing.

Two separate filing fees are required as follows:
Clerk of the Circuit Court Filing Fee $100.00
* Made payable to the "Broward County Clerk of Courts".
4th District court of Appeals Filing Fee. Must be filed with the 4th District. $300.00
* Made payable to the "4th District court of Appeals".

Appeals Fees for Traffic Infraction Cases

Clerk of the Circuit Court Filing Fee $281.00
* Made payable to the "Broward County Clerk of Courts".

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