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Marriage Licenses

In-Person Marriage licenses and ceremonies are being performed by appointment only. Read more on how to schedule an appointment.



When applying for a marriage license, both parties, age 18 and over, must be present.

A Florida marriage license allows a couple to get married anywhere in Florida, regardless of the county the license was purchased from. If you are getting married outside of Florida, obtain the marriage license from the state where you will be married.

State of Florida residents have the option of attending a premarital course from a registered provider, or waiting a 3-day mandatory time period before the marriage license becomes effective. An Online Premarital Course Provider Directory is available to assist you in locating a premarital course provider (see clerk for certificate requirements), or you will find a copy of this registry at any marriage service location. Non-Florida residents are exempt from any marriage license waiting period.

Marriage License Identification Requirements:

A valid federal or state government photo identification card is required and must provide the correct legal name, date of birth and signature of the applicant.

Types of photo identification cards accepted are:

  • Driver License (U.S. State or Government)
  • Passport
  • U.S. Military identification
  • State Identification Card (U.S. State or Government)
  • Alien Registration Card

In accordance with State of Florida Statute, any person who has been issued a Social Security number shall provide their social security number during the marriage license application process. [Copies of the social security card are not needed, only the social security card number.] Any person who is not a citizen of the U.S. may provide either a Social Security number or an Alien Registration number, if one has been issued. If neither has been issued, another form of ID may be required.

Other helpful information:

  • Blood tests are not required.
  • You do not need to be a resident of this county or the State of Florida to obtain a Marriage license.
  • Marriage licenses are for use within the State of Florida for sixty (60) days from the effective date.
  • The Family Law Handbook in (English or Spanish) should be read prior to obtaining the Marriage License. The Family Law Handbook is also available for viewing in the Clerk of Courts Marriage and One-Stop Divisions.
  • If either applicant has been previously married, the exact date of the last divorce, death, or annulment must be provided.

To expedite the application process, please complete our online pre-application, print it and bring it with you to one of the Broward County offices for the application process to be completed.

Requirements for under-aged marriage license applicants

Applicants who are at least 17 years of age: In addition to the above listed requirements, the following documents must be presented when one or both of the applicants are within this age bracket:

Any applicant under the age of eighteen (18) and at least seventeen (17) years of age must have the consent of both parents or a legal guardian. If custody of such minor has been granted to one parent, original proof must be provided. You may obtain consent forms from this office. If one parent is deceased, a certified copy of the death certificate is required. Proof of age and parents identity is required. This may be done with a certified copy of the person’s birth certificate. If the parent's names do not match, additional proof may be required.

Additionally, a person that is at least 17 years of age may marry only if the other party is no more than two years older.

Applicants under 17 years of age: Per F.S. 741.04, we are prohibited from issuing a license to any person under 17 years of age.


Marriage License Application

Couples wishing to get married in Florida may apply for a license online or in-person (by appointment only) at one of our office locations.

Both parties must apply at the same time (whether in-person at one of our locations or applying online through a video conference).

Apply In-Person At One Of Our Office Locations

Prior to obtaining a marriage license, both parties must sign an affidavit indicating they have read the Florida Family Law Handbook in (English or Spanish).

Please complete a Pre-Application prior to scheduling your appointment or visiting our offices. Completing a pre-application beforehand will also speed up the process during your visit to the office.  

Request an in-person appointment at one of our four offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Hollywood, or Plantation. In order to schedule your appointment online, you will be asked for the pre-application confirmation number. If you don't have a confirmation number, you can still call our office by phone to schedule an appointment.

Skip A Trip To Our Office

Apply for your marriage license entirely online. To begin the process, please answer a few questions. If you use this option, you will be required to upload a copy of both spouse's identification and a copy of the premarital course provider completion certificate (if you took the premarital course).

After applying for your license online, we will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule an appointment for the video conference and pay for your license online.

Please be advised: We are currently performing a pilot project for issuing marriage licenses remotely online via video conference. As such, we are very limited in our capacity to accept appointments for the online video conference sessions. It may be quicker for you to schedule an in-person appointment. We will add more capacity as we work through any initial issues.

Marriage Ceremony

The following officials are authorized by Florida law to perform marriage ceremonies:

  • Ordained clergy
  • Elders in communion with a church
  • All Florida judges
  • Florida Clerks of Court and their deputized employees
  • Notaries Public of the state of Florida

Once issued, a marriage license is valid in any Florida county for 60 days. After the marriage ceremony, the original marriage license must be signed by the officiant and returned to the Central Courthouse Marriage Division within 10 days. It will be recorded, and a certified copy will be sent to the address provided on the application.

Please remember that there may be a waiting period before you can get married. Please view our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

A Civil Marriage ceremony can be performed in one of our Marriage Division locations after the license is effective for an additional cost. No witnesses are required for a Civil Marriage ceremony, however they are recommended.

Currently, marriage ceremonies are being performed in person by appointment only at any of our office locations. See below for more details on how to schedule or change an appointment.

Call Our Office To Schedule Or Change An Appointment

If you received your Marriage License from a Florida County (other than Broward), you may still get married in one of our offices. However, in order to schedule your appointment, you will need to contact one of our offices by phone.

Read more on how to schedule an appointment for a Marriage Ceremony by phone.

Schedule And Change Appointments Online

If you applied for your Marriage License by completing our Online Marriage License Application, you may schedule your appointment online.


Fees and Costs

VALID FORMS OF PAYMENT — Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. (Proper identification is required when paying in person by credit card.)


Standard Marriage License Application Fee$86.00
Reduced Marriage License Application Fee$61.00
Original Certificate from Broward Registered Provider is Required 
Marriage Ceremony and Vow Renewal$30.00
Duplicate License Fee$30.00
Amendment of a Marriage License (Requires A Court Order)$30.00
Certified Copy of Recorded Marriage License$3.00
Administration of Oath$3.50
Stamped Envelope$1.00
Photo Copy$1.00
Search Fee$2.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

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  • North Regional Courthouse
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